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Geocaching, a scavenger adventure that is now sporting custom key-chains.

Recently, we wrote about the adventurous world of Geocaching. Creating Geocoins with trackable numbers that then get registered at is a great way to build community all over the globe. People are adventuring near and far too urban and national park environments, collecting trackable items as a way to connect and treasure hunt with friends and family.

As this New Year commences, new trends are emerging in the community. Creating a Geocoin on a Key Chain is a great gift to leave behind and a way to pass along geocoins that can actually be kept as opposed to taken to another Geocache for another adventurer to find.

Key Chains with a group or geographical location logo on a coin is a great item to leave in Geocaches. Sporting groups, families, townships that and other organizations create a logo or symbol to represent their group, or in many cases a catchphrase, along with the new year on the coin and leave them behind in Geocaches they find.

There have been rumors of competitions between groups to see who can pass out more key chains around a broader geographical reach than their counterparts, keeping track and posting their key chain location on with others in the community at large jumping in on the fun by posting when and where they found said key chain.

It is similar to the Geocoin, but again the ability to keep the key chain and use it throughout the year serves as a wonderful treasure, which is part of what makes Geocaching so much fun.  And of course, for the rest of 2010 or whichever year you found the key chain, an adventurer has a fun and useful reminder of their weekend treasure hunting.

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