PVC Keychains – Taking The “Heavy” Out Of Metal Keychains

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PVC Keychains

For our Custom Keychains, there is no “heavy” in the metal.

There is a reason that not everyone has keychains, maybe even including you. Perhaps it’s that they are heavy and bulky, or get in the way of the other keys you are attempting to grab on your keyring. Maybe it’s that they’re cloth and fall apart over time or that the lettering and paint rub off over the years. Well, you may want to reconsider your grudge against keychains, dear reader, because I have a revolutionary idea for you –and its name is polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC as we like to call it, is a flexible, essentially weightless and weather resistant rubber that holds bold color easily and is preferred for many items including patches, magnets and luggage tags used largely by the military, paintball teams and even most police departments and firefighters. Because this material is so light, color-friendly, and extremely durable, polyvinyl chloride over-qualifies itself as an ideal material for PVC keychains.

Oftentimes, typical metal or cloth keychains weigh keyrings down and make them look bulky and cluttered. With PVC keychains, however, the scheme is a bit different. PVC keychains are bright, fun, and most importantly, don’t rip a hole in your pocket –or wallet. Although the design of your PVC keychains may range to extravagant, the cost is typically anything but. Optimal for use at events, non-profit booths, presidential rallies, boutiques, or group gatherings, PVC keychains are prepared to take unpretentiously bold artwork to the next level –and the key ingredient to these PVC keychains is actually quite simply your imagination.

PVC keychains are unique, to begin with, and their crafting is no exception. Created by adding layer after layer of your selection of bright, resilient color to the PVC base of the keychain, PVC keychains are crafted the same way that one might fashion a story –by adding page after page of design until the novel is brought to life through words and characters. Based off of your individual design as well, we know that PVC keychains often stand for more than just a keychain, especially when used in events or through organization handouts. PVC keychains are vibrant and bold, a fun way to boast about you or your group’s passions, goals, and philosophy, and they add a little pizazz and life to any keyring.Custom PVC Keychains

“My favorite thing about these keychains is that, because they are so sturdy and they never fade or break, the people attending my event can enjoy my organization’s cool prints for years. It means a lot to me that the keychains allow me to have the freedom to throw whatever design I want on there, and it helps my organizations events and stands so much. People love buying these PVC keychains, and it’s fun to see people carrying them around. It means the word is spreading –and that’s always a good thing.” Says one activist for honey bee awareness. “It’s super important to me that people notice our organization so that funds get pushed through for the honey bees. Funds mean the beginning to a flower-filled future, and since PVC keychains are so bright, colorful, and easy to notice, count me in!”

Whether you are rooting for a cause or hosting a stand at a fair, PVC keychains are an excellent way to get noticed and show love for your favorite things in life. Give your passion material to invest its unique nature in, and design your life a little bit of PVC keychain happiness today!

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