Santa’s Bag Of Goodies: Custom Keychains, Lanyards and Lapel Pins

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Have a jolly Christmas season with custom holiday pins!

Christmas is six weeks away and with it a bevy of holiday parties, many of which will be host to a jolly Santa posing for pictures and hoisting with him a big bag of goodies to pass out to children and adults alike.

Hosts from the private to the mass corporation parties are getting creative with small and innovative gifts to hand out this year. Wanting their gifts to not only be useful, but cost effective as well, holiday part hosts are seeking promotional items such as emblematic jewelry to spread holiday cheer.

There are several useful, small, inexpensive promotional gifts to fill Santa’s bag with this year, starting with Lanyards. These versatile items can be custom designed in any color, logo, print, material, and size. They are lightweight and can be used and reused indefinitely to hold keys, pens, USB flash drives, glasses, ID badges, cell phones, camera lens caps, whistles, compasses, smart cards, flashlights, calculators, toys and large plastic lockets for kids to store smaller items in. Lanyards are suitable for all populations and its gift-giving population is only limited by the imagination of the individual designing them.

Another great holiday item is the keychain. So much is being done with emblematic jewelry these days, and designing a medallion, coin or charm to dangle off of a keychain is classy and memorable for a holiday gift. Using color, logo, and themes for the party or company can come together in a gift that can double as a promotional item for the rest of the year and beyond when it’s something that will be used regularly by the recipient.

Lapel pins are another wonderful item. Attached to a holiday card, it’s a great little trinket that can deliver a big punch. For a kid, it can be a pin of a cartoon, animal, superhero, a trendy word or a Christmas character. For adults, lapel pins can be made of work logos, holiday items, theme and date of the party they are attending, religious symbols if that is appropriate to the gathering, words centered around a theme or a colored ribbon symbolizing a common charity.

All of these items are small, inexpensive and creative. They are reusable and will be a constant reminder of the holiday season as well as the giver. Whether a private host or a business the brand will pervade while being useful to the recipient.

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