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Looking to create a custom keychain but need a specific design?

We are constantly on the lookout for the latest rising trends in emblematic jewelry. Not only does it give us a creative edge, but it also gives us important information to help us be on the innovative end of what is going on. With this in mind, and with the rise in clients that are jewelry makers, we would like to share the latest ideas coming through on making Artisan Keychains.

First, what is an artisan keychain? Typically, the word artisan is used when describing art or craft that is handmade.  n the case of the keychain, the pieces would be designed by the artist, with support from our designers. Designs for keychains can range from actual pendants or charms that dangle at the end of the keychain to key tags in soft or hard enamel, with and without color, antique or shiny gold and silver finishes. Images of your art can be sent in and placed on key tags as well, with a variety of enamel finishes.

Buying directly from artisans is becoming a monstrous trend. With places like or, creating artisan keychains and then selling them online as a way to promote art is incredibly easy. The other exciting trend is that of inspiration. Jewelry makers are doing wonderful things with pendants that have inspiring or thematic words engraved in them.  Customers are wearing these worded pendants on necklaces, earrings, bracelets and yes… Keychains.

Keychains with meaningful and inspiring decoration are the new frontier in adornment. In a world where people are becoming increasingly conscious about how what they wear makes a statement about what they believe and stand for in life, a keychain that is beautifully made and actually says what they stand, for is another layer to the package. And it’s a layer that jewelry makers are beginning to really clue into.

Monterey Company caters to any size order and therefore has been a great support to those smaller artisan vendors selling their wares on an intimate scale. The design team at Monterey will also consult on design and aid in the creation of the piece you have in mind free of charge.

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