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Whether it’s a family reunion keychain, pin, or patch design, it’s the one time you can guarantee a happy-looking family reunion.

Its finally here. It almost feels like we have all been waiting ages for Summer to finally arrive and now its here. Kids are out of school, vacations are in the works and everyone gets to spend extra time outside as the days are deliciously longer. This time of year is just as instrumental for bringing family together to play as the Holiday Season is at the end of the year.

Along with the tradition of typically taking a vacation trip during the Summer months, hosting family reunions are also become a huge component of Summer across the country. Some are elaborate and take months to plan with many flying in from various parts of the country and the world, and others are as easy as a weekly Sunday dinner or picnic that includes all that can make it.

Family reunions bring together immediate and extended families, and often times will be the only occasion for that year that everyone will be together. Spending an entire day either at a large home, park or beach, BBQs and always a must as well as photographing each member so as to add to the growing family album.

One of the fun trends that we have been watching grow steadily over the years is the creation of commemorative gifts for family reunions to give to each family member as a remembrance of the reunion itself.  Family reunion keychains, custom lapel pins, coins, and pendants are all durable and well thought out gifts for family reunions that can be custom designed to fit the family personality and the occasion.

Gifts for family reunions will typically include the family name in the design, which can also include a family crest if there is one.  Some families have chosen to create crests in order to symbolize their family. Typically, the year will also be included, and anything else that might bring to memory the location for this particular reunion and the theme if there is one.

Family reunion keychains are great because they are used everyday and each family member can use it until the next year when a new one is handed out. Lapel pins and pendants are also touching gifts for family reunions and makes collecting them a very worthwhile activity, particularly as they accumulate over the years. Family reunion keychains, pins and pendants end up becoming part of the family legacy which serves to draw the family even closer together with a sense of belonging; which is really what family reunions are all about!

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