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3d Coins

There are many benefits of having your coins designed in 3D.

You can put anything on a lapel pin including the face of a loved one.

One customer recently asked The Monterey Company to create a cast pin of their beloved golf pro, coach, and friend. They provided a photo of him, with a big smile, touching his cap, while his shirt lapels blew in the breeze.

There were a couple of options. One would be a printed pin with his face in full color or 3-D pins with no color made to look like the image on a penny.

The salesperson at The Monterey Company strongly suggested the later. A 3-D CNC rendering would be like a clay mold of the man’s face, she said. It shows much more than 2-D, including the curves of his nose and the thickness of his cheeks and chin. It even showed his rounded fingers!

To add 3-D to any lapel pin, there is a $150 set-up charge. The best part is that you only need to pay that once, added Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company. All 3-D set-ups on exact repeat orders are free.

The artwork for the 3-D CNC molding is included in the $150 production price, but it takes time to create. Generally, it takes 3-5 days. It’s a nice thing to show the client if you have time, the salesperson added. That way, they’ll know exactly how the image is going to turn out.

The customer absolutely loved the 3-D CNC image, and couldn’t wait to show her husband and friends. 3d PinsThe likeness is incredible, she said.

She chose a ¾ inch shiny gold round pin with the pros 3-D image in the middle. Around the outside were the words, Coach, Friend and PGA Pro.

Once completed, this lapel pin is going to be part of the sign-up package of a golf tournament that the pro had started 30 years ago.

A lot of people who will be playing in that tournament knew him well, said the customer. This pin will be a nice tribute to him.

She said that the extra pins will be sold separately at the pro shop and given to a charity in his honor.

3-D CNC molding has been used to create people’s faces, animals and historical buildings, to name a few.

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