Need help with your New Year resolution? You can count on custom lapel pins.

We all go through the same ritual each year at this time. The parties, the revelry and then, when its all over and we have woken up from our celebrations, we set some time aside to write down new goals and resolutions for the upcoming New Year.

It’s habit, fun, and in some case an exercise in futility. Statistically, only about 30% of the resolutions we set for ourselves each year get accomplished! That’s a seriously low number a bit discouraging. Part of the reason is that we lose track of our lists, life, and all its routines set in, and so it becomes really easy to simply forget.

Through a bit of unofficial research here at the Monterey Company we have been watching these trends… in ourselves that is. And we came up with a list of how custom made lapel pin actually help in making sure you meet your New Year’s resolutions. Read on!

1.  Visual reminders. Having a fun and creative custom lapel pin made that in some way symbolizes your goal, keeps it on the forefront of your mind, especially if you make it a point to wear it every day until the goal is achieved. The fact is that what we give attention to, we place value in.  Valuing your goal enough to wear it, makes a huge difference!

2.  Fun. Life and achieving the goals we set for ourselves is supposed to be fun! Remember that if nothing else. This gets played out in the design of your pins. Color, metals, emblems, words, stones… the possibilities are endless!

3.  Accountability. You can bet your behind that if you are wearing your goal on your shirt daily, others will notice. With the noticing will come the questions. Soon others will know what goals you have set for yourself and will ask you regularly how you are doing. Nothing beats accountability for doing a little butt kicking and getting us in gear.

4.  Investment. It might sound a bit woo-woo, but sitting down to write a goal, then creating a design for it with the help of a professional designer and actually paying to get one or more lapel pins created for each goal you set for yourself is a power statement to your subconscious and to the powers that be, however it is you relate to them. There is power in that!

5.  Trophies! When its all said and done, at the end of each you what you are left with is a gorgeous lapel pin collection of all the goals you have accomplished. Not only that, they collectively become a body of your creative work, because they are at their essence a piece of art.

And secretly… just between me and you…  We at the Monterey Company have this fantasy that one there will be New Year’s resolution trading pin conventions!