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“People want to show their enthusiasm for their candidates, and custom-made lapel pins are a great way to do it.”

Tuesday, November 4, 2008, was a historical presidential election day in the United States.

Even though it was raining in Southern California, it will not dampen the spirits of those who voted. Early on, the news reported that people were waiting in line in record numbers waiting for their polling places to open.

For the 20 weeks of rigorous campaigning leading up to the election between McCain and Obama, there has been a resurgence in wearing of political lapel pins, especially among the candidates. Much has been written and speculated about the type of pins they wear,

Most of the pins had similar elements, including the U.S. flag and the colors red, white and blue. The text included and the shape of the pins would vary.

At The Monterey Company, a leading lapel pin manufacturer based in Southern California, there has been an increase in requests for lapel pins during this election.

“This is pretty common for an election year,” said Paul Stark, president of the company he started 19 years ago. “People want to show their enthusiasm for their candidates, and custom-made lapel pins are a great way to do it.”

Many of the lapel pins created at the company had the American flag with “Obama,” “Hillary” and “McCain” text printed on them. Several weeks before the election, one customer was creating artwork for custom-made cufflinks. “The cufflinks would feature just the image of the winner’s face, whether it be McCain or Obama,” said The Monterey Company salesperson. Her customer started early because he wanted the artwork ready to go, so he could have them shortly after the election. He anticipated a continued enthusiasm among consumers for election memorabilia. Stark agreed. “All you have to do is look online on sites such as eBay to know that election memorabilia, such as vintage lapel pins, are still very popular,” he said. The popular “Vote” pin from the 1960s is experiencing a resurgence.

The beauty of lapel pins is that they can be custom made according to your specifications, with a quick turnaround time. Generally, it takes two weeks to create, although the company can rush a pin as quickly as 7 days.

“You can have an idea in your head, and within a couple of weeks, it’s been created, shipped and is now resting on your lapel,” said one of their many loyal customers

For assistance with your post-election lapel pins, contact The Monterey Company toll-free at 877-290-9290.

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