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With thousands of custom lapel pin options, you can get as crafty as Martha Stewart!

Martha Stewart has turned crafts, cooking, and homemaking into an international art form as well as a big business. Besides her popular TV show, a national magazine, and countless cooking and decorating books, Martha Stewart also has an entire line of home accessories now being sold at Target.

It would be hard to impress an icon like that, but one of our Monterey Company customers, Jon Burkhardt, did just that–by showing her how to make a kite. Jon has been designing kites since 1980, and some of his designs are being manufactured for sale around the world. One of them, which depicts clouds and a rising sun, was also featured on a lapel pin created by us.

“Being on the ‘Martha Stewart Show’ was great fun,” Jon said. “She was a wonderful host and we had a great time.” He marveled at her studio and the efficiency and knowledge of her staff members.

“Martha really likes kites is extremely curious on how to do things,” Jon said. “I think that I gave her some ideas that she can apply to other projects.”

Jon’s kites were also featured in the “Martha Stewart Living” magazine. The article said that Martha has loved kites since childhood after her brother had won a kite-flying contest. “The darting tails and bright colors were almost magical,” she said. Now, she said, one of the nicest things about kite flying is that it appeals to kids of all ages.

Jon was extremely happy with the lapel pin created by The Monterey Company and refers all of his kite-flying friends to them. He had used the lapel pins as token gifts during a recent kite exhibition trip to Japan. “I could have used 100 more,” he said.

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