Custom Designed Screaming Softball Pins

A new customer called and said that he wanted a bigger trading pin this year. It had to be two inches-no less. When his softball team went to the finals last year, they had a 1-inch softball trading pin. It showed the screaming softball trading pins team name on it. There were no bells, whistles or other accessories such as glitter, a slider, a dangler or blinking lights. The artwork was boring, and no one wanted to trade with them. He still remembers their disappointed faces.

This is why he asked The Monterey Company to design a new logo this year. He wanted to keep the screaming softball, but add a softball player that looked more like a Viking Super Hero. The Monterey artist knew exactly what he wanted. He created her standing tall on a Viking ship-a muscular, sassy Super Hero holding her bat up high like a weapon.

The difference was like night and day, the customer said. Everyone was going to want to trade with his team this year. He is still trying to decide where to add glitter though, and can’t decide if it should it be on the ball or the Viking’s cape. It really doesn’t matter. For only 15 cents a pin, glitter is the least expensive way to make a trading pin more attractive. In more ways than one, this pin is going to shine!

We can start with your artwork or from scratch. All we need is an idea, the size, and your team’s colors. Your artwork and revisions are free. We want to ensure that your team has trade worthy pins that everyone will want in their collection! There should be no more sad stories.