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Glitter is a high quality, yet inexpensive way to make your trading pin shine!

Glitter can be an inexpensive way to call attention to your trading pin. At .15 cents a pin, it can add sparkle to your team?s name, highlight a mascot or show off an interesting shape or background. However, just like anything else, glitter has its place. Too much glitter is like too much frosting on a cake. The cake gets lost in all that goop. ?Have you ever seen a trading pin with too much glitter?? asks one salesperson from The Monterey Company, a leading trading pin manufacturer. ?I have! You can?t see the design and sometimes it?s hard to read the writing. A little glitter is just enough.? Glitter in small spaces is also a no-no. Actually, glitter doesn?t ever get into small spaces because it?s always stopped at the factory. These experienced trading pin makers know they physically can?t put glitter in tiny spaces, so they reject the design. ?Then you have to find another place for glitter or give it up altogether,? warns Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company. ?Trust me, you don?t want to be redesigning a trading pin once it?s been sent to the factory. At that point, you?re on borrowed time.?  ?I recently had a customer who listed all 12 players and their numbers on a 1 ¾ inch printed trading pin,? added another salesperson from The Monterey Company. ?Then she wanted to add blue glitter to their names. I knew it wouldn?t work with our factory, so I had to tell her no. Imagine yourself sitting at a table and trying to glue glitter to a tiny area on a 1 3/4-inch square. It would be very difficult.? ?You want to get the maximum sparkle for your buck,? adds Stark. ?Start with adding glitter to the largest area on your trading pin, such as a team?s name or mascot.? It?s also a good idea to add glitter to any pin with a blinkie on it. Why? Because when a blinkie is turned off, it looks just like a regular old pin. Glitter adds the sparkle you need to make your trading pin more interesting and tradable.

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