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Use glitter to bring bling to your trading pins.

At the Monterey Company, all that glitters turns to gold! Glitter is made of tiny little sequins (often the size of a pepper flake) that reflect light. Many of us have known glitter since elementary school with our craft projects or on Christmas decorations. Because of its brilliant effects, glitter is also widely used on baseball trading pins that are traded at Cooperstown, PA every year.

“The bigger, the flashier and the more attractive the custom trading pin is, the more popular it is to trade,” said Paul Stark, president at The Monterey Company. “At only 15 cents per pin, glitter is an inexpensive way in which teams can draw attention to their trading pins.”

Glitter is often used to set off the teams name or to highlight its mascot. It comes in a variety of colors, including red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, black and white, to name a few. You don’t have to limit your glitter choices to one area. You can put glitter in as many places as you like. Typically, glitter only costs 15 cents per custom trading pin. However, for example, if you wanted glitter in the sky and on the mascot on your trading pin, then it would cost 30 per pin because it is added to more than one detail of the pin. Anyway, you look at it, all that glitters is gold. Glitter catches the sun and makes your custom trading pin shine! And what shines is considered valuable!

The flashier the pin, the more other team members will want to trade for it!

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