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Design beautiful lapel pins with your own beautiful artwork.

Artists are always looking for new ways to promote their art to the public. Some use websites, business cards, brochures, postcards and newspaper advertisements. Each medium has its own strengths and weakness, but most of them are only temporary or very expensive.

“I never thought of putting my art image on a lapel pin before,” admitted one artist in California. “But after the last election, I realized that you can put any image on a lapel pin. So why not mine?”

This Monterey Company customer put her best painting on 100 1-inch printed pins and used them as free giveaways at art and craft fairs. It was a great “icebreaker,” which often lead to larger painting sales.

She puts her website address at the bottom of the lapel pin, and it serves as a colorful business card. This has worked out so well that she has created several versions.

The designers at The Monterey Company work with all kinds of creative software, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and they likely have your format. They match standard PMS colors, so the colors that appear on your lapel pin are as accurate as your original.

Images can also be enlarged or cropped to suit your tastes. “We’re used to working with artists, and can speak your language,” added one designer. “We will also be glad to show you a couple of versions until you are satisfied.”

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