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Create happiness with custom pins this August!

Did you know that there is actually a month in which to raise the awareness and practice of being happy? It may sound a bit strange but its true. In a world where people are just as adept at practicing stress and unhappiness, the Secret Society of Happy People has made it their mission to spread happiness everywhere they go and the month of August is the month to do it in.

The Secret Society of Happy People works towards encouraging the expression of happiness and discouraging “parade-raining.” “Parade-rainers” are those people who don’t want to hear your happy news.

In 1999 the Society of Happy People initiated a campaign to help people recognize and express happiness as well as teach people to not “rain on parades.” They asked governors from all 50 states for a proclamation and 19 responded. The campaign continues and August is the month to not only continue the campaign on a political level but a global one as well.

Buttons, lapel pins, coins, and cards are created to pass out to others in order to pass the message of happy along. It might seem trivial, but according to the Secret Society of Happy People, “Somewhere between The Ed Sullivan Show and The Jerry Springer Show talking about being happy became politically incorrect. We’re more comfortable airing our dirty laundry than telling people we’ve had a happy moment.”

The Society believes happiness is contagious and that when more people talk about happy events and moment, it will be chic for everyone to do it.

So spread the happy! Encourage kids to help with the campaign. Design custom buttons, pins, and key chains pass them out to strangers in the street, neighbors, and coworkers. We could all remember to practice a little happy don’t you think?

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