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Illustrate your love for your town with custom pins.

“We love our rustic, mountain community,” said one of our customers who owns an art gallery. “Idyllwild sits at 5,200 feet above Palm Springs. It’s high enough to get some snow, but not quite enough to ski or snowboard. Most people come here to hike and relax.”  Idyllwild is also known for its artistic community, which the customer proudly promotes. It’s also the home of a well-known art and music high school, as well as the former home office of The Monterey Company. They recently relocated to Bend, Oregon. Impression lapel pins give it’s wearer an instant impression of the town.

However, instead of creating impression lapel pins that only promoted her gallery or a single artist, she created one that would promote the town and gave a portion of the proceeds to the local parks and recreations department.

The 1-inch Embossed Soft Enamel round pin featured an abstract version of a pine tree in the center with the text, “Beautiful Idyllwild, CA” around the outside edges. “We wanted to keep the design simple so that both men and women would want to wear it,” she said. The Monterey Company really helped to make great design choices for my impression lapel pins.

“Lapel pins are better than patches or stickers because they’re more versatile and last longer. You can put your “Beautiful Idyllwild” pin on your backpack, hat, scarf or jacket,” our salesperson added.

The “Beautiful Idyllwild” lapel pins sold for $5. “It’s just a nice memento of your visit here. We love our little town,” she said.

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