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These may only be the top 10 uses for custom lapel pins, but honestly, we think they can be used for almost anything.

Although lapel pins have been around for many years, it has been in the last 10 years that they have become an integral part of business and social connections. The uses have broadened over the years in proportion to customers creativity, and we thought a list of the top ten uses would give everyone an idea of the scope of lapel pins reach.

1. Incentive Programs

Commemorating anniversaries of services with special pins is a great way to celebrate hard work and dedication.

2. Corporate Branding

Along with the above example, the use of consistent logos and tag-lines along with color and design can lend incredible visibility and support to a company?s brand. This is the case when giving anniversary pins, holiday celebration pins and also as gifts to clients and customers for special occasions at the company.

3. Sport Trading Pins

From little leagues to the majors, sport lapel pins are a great item to have and trade with fellow sports players and enthusiasts. Many teams create their own for different years or games, and collections can reach the 1000s.

4. Awareness and Fundraising Campaigns

Lapel pins are a great talking piece, as they are completely visible on the person wearing them. Raising awareness for causes and fundraising becomes much easier when facilitated by a talking piece.

5. Military Pins

These have been around for quite some time and they are steeped in history and tradition. Denoting rank, squad, and commendations for missions well done, military pins are just one small way in which to honor our service men and women for the work they do for us everyday.

6. Trading Pins

Different than sports pins, these pins are usually centered around popular groups or institutions that we are all familiar with. One such institution is Disney. Disney trading pins are a cultural pass-time for many. There are international conferences dedicated to the buying and trading of these iconic pins.

7. School Identity

Graduations, competitions, and other school-wide events like fundraisers make for great lapel pin design.

8. Private Club Affiliations

Special interest groups create lapel pins to mark group identity and celebrate years together.

9. Family

Many family members have designed lovely pins over the years to commemorate family reunions, anniversaries and other personal milestones. What they have when the design is complete is an emblematic symbol of a special and memorable event in their lives.

10. Anything you want

That?s right, the tenth top use for a lapel pin is anything you want. That is the beauty and versatility of custom design lapel pins. They can be designed as adornment, gifts, incentive, competition pieces, art, branding pieces. The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

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