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Black Nickel plating gives your lapel pins a modern edge.

For a high tech, modern lapel pin, the most often overlooked plating is black nickel. Yet, it can shine like high-polished slate and look classier than gold!

“I think black nickel plating gets a bad rap,” said our salesperson who is not afraid to use the dark plating to her customer’s advantage. “Some people think it’s too dark, and opt for antique silver instead. But black nickel has punch and style!”

One recent technology customer wanted their pin to stand apart from their many competitors at an upcoming New York trade show. Their design was simple: a round 1.25-inch pin with the name of the company around the outside edge with their logo in the center. There are hundreds of similar pins everywhere, yet it was the black nickel-plating that turned it from “average” to “awesome!”

The secret? Our designer laid green neon enamel over the shiny black nickel. The text was the black nickel, so there was no need to add another color.  The result? “The black nickel made our pin look really high tech,” the customer said.

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