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With blinkies, your trading pins can shine along with your spirits as you win the game.

You might see a marked increase in the number of trading pins with blinkies at the World Series and Cooperstown this year. That s because The Monterey Company, a leading trading pin manufacturer, has significantly lowered its prices for blinkies, or small LED lights that flash. Previously, one blinkie cost $1.12 each, including set-up. Any additional blinkie would cost .25 cents more. For instance, if a team had a trading pin with a bulldog mascot and wanted red blinkies for both eyes, it used to cost $1.12 for the first blinkie, plus .25 cents for any additional blinkie, or $1.37 apiece.

Now, the cost of one blinkie is only .60 cents each and double blinkies are only $1. We ve found a marked increase and desire for blinkie pins this year, said Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company. We’re happy to make them more affordable for all the teams. Generally, trading pins with blinkies are the most popular pins at any World Series or Cooperstown event. You can t beat blinkies for their trading value, said one mother in charge of ordering trading pins. Players can get three regular pins for one blinkie pin.

The way trading pins works is that players invited to baseball or softball tournaments bring 20-50 pins apiece to trade with other players from around the country. Generally, the trading pins feature the team s name, mascot and year on them. Some have danglers, sliders and spinners. Most have glitter, but few have blinkie lights. Naturally, the trading pins with blinkies are the most sought after. Blinkies can also last a long time, adds a Monterey Company salesperson. But you have to remember to turn them off. There is a tiny switch on the back. The beauty of a blinkie is that it flashes day and night, and can be seen from a considerable distance.

An important thing to consider with blinkies is that they can look very much like regular pins when the blinkie is turned off, warns Stark. We always suggest that our customers add glitter, which is an inexpensive way to call attention to their trading pins. At .15 cents apiece, glitter is an affordable and attractive addition to any trading pin. It comes in every color imaginable, so the designers at The Monterey Company can match any team s colors. So when the blinkie light is turned off, the glitter will still shine!

For assistance with blinkies and your team s trading pin, please contact The Monterey Company toll free at 877-290-9290.


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