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Fresno Blue Devils Trading Pin

Custom trading pins can be designed any way you want to best rep your team.

The Fresno Blue Devils were headed to Cooperstown this year and like every other baseball team, they wanted the best trading pins possible. So they asked The Monterey Company to design it for them.

“From day one, it’s one of the finest trading pins we’ve ever had,” said Dave G., the Blue Devils manager. He said during the pin exchange, they received lots of compliments on how well the pin looked. It was also the most sought-after pin there.

It was a 1.75-inch classic embossed silver plated pin with cutouts. “We wanted the baseballs to stand out on each side,”Dave said. There are 11 players on the team, he said, which is an uneven number (which is not good for symmetrical design), so they added a baseball with “MR,” on it, the initials of the coach.

“I’ve seen trading pins with so much text and stuff on them that you cannot read anything. You don’t even know where the team is from,” Dave said.

His salesperson at The Monterey Company offered him 4-5 design variations over the course of two weeks–until they decided on the final one.

The brushed silver with raised lettering was her idea, Dave added. It worked really well with their team colors of blue and black.

Dave was also impressed with The Monterey Company’s price, and plans to order next year’s pin from them. “I’m very loyal when I find a company that really cares about their customers,” he said. “I don’t need to shop anywhere else.”

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