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Bounce your trading pins to the top with bobbleheads!

Remember the Bobblehead Chihuahua that would sit on a car’s dashboard and serenely nod his way through traffic?

The Bobblehead (or Wigglehead) trading pin comes from the same concept, with the head bobbling or bouncing off the main pin.

“A bobblehead is a second pin that is connected to the main pin using a spring attachment instead of a chain like a dangler has,” explained one of our salespeople who regularly works with bobbleheads. “The spring enables the bobbling action creating interest in your team’s trading pin.”

Although the bobblehead generally focuses on an oversized “head” of a baseball player, the bobblehead can be used in other designs as well. For example:

1.    Your team’s mascot can bobble off of your home state

2.    A player’s oversized glove can bobble above with the winning ball in hand

3.    Our designers can help you with a great bobblehead design!

“Bobbleheads are rarer than blinkies and spinners on trading pins,” explained our salesperson. “Everyone will want to trade for a bobblehead.”

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