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Pre-order custom awareness pins for national Brain Health Awareness Week!

Brain Awareness Week is a yearly international campaign that was started two decades ago by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives in order to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research and to raise research funds. This year, during the week of March 16-22, the foundation will be partnering with universities, hospitals, patient groups, government agencies, schools, service organizations, and professional associations in 76 different countries across the globe. They will also be celebrating their 20th anniversary!

During Global Brain Health Awareness Week campaign partners organize creative and innovative activities in their communities to educate people of all ages about the brain and brain research that is currently being conducted. The organization is urging us to rally around the research and support it financially.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the types of events that are put on by the different organizations and the foundation provides the funding and resources to make these fundraisers a reality. Events run the gamut from open days at neuroscience labs to museum exhibitions on the brain to lectures on an array of brain-related topics to displays at malls, libraries and community centers and even classroom workshops on the functions of the brain. Schools and universities are particularly supportive of these events and raise awareness among their students by passing out literature on the complex workings of the brain.

At The Monterey Company, we want to do our part in helping this cause through our emblematic jewelry that includes pendants, awareness pins, and keychains. There are hundreds of options for pre-made awareness pins custom made with your logo.

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