This is a continuation of a series of posts detailing the finer points of branding your company, why its necessary and how the products created by the Monterey Company can serve you in building a thriving business with a recognizable identity.

Looking to add a little something to your company? Try lapel pins, the all-in-one advertising wonder.

Customized lapel pins that are designed to convey the company brand are a detail item that can be useful in promoting both internal company culture as well as company visibility. Lapel pins are made as commemorative pieces for company anniversaries, employee promotions and anniversaries, which are then used as part of their uniforms or work dress. Used this way, pins can be worn by all employees at all times while working at the company, therefore reinforcing the brand each and every time there is a contact point with a customer or client.

Another way to use lapel pins depends largely on the company and what it does. This would be the creation of a trading pin culture with features and themes related to the what the company does. A large example of this would be Disney and it’s many thematic lapel pins which have become collector’s items over the years as well as wildly popular but never mistaken for anything other than Disney.

It’s true that a massive institution like Disney is certainly not short on reasons and ideas for commemorating itself and creating pins to trade out of that wealth of ideas. But it’s important to remember that smaller companies can do this as well, and it certainly doesn’t have to center around animated figures.

Yearly mottos or goals that the company shares with its employees and customers are great ways to use lapel pins. The same stands true with yearly Thanksgiving pins, Christmas pins, promotional pins for sales items and services, along with promotional and incentive pins for employees.

Keeping key elements the same, such as color, symbols or logo along with a uniquely creative design element that stands for the event or time it is created adds to the pins desirability and then, of course, becomes a part of the ongoing company culture that long outlives the company itself in many cases.

Emblematic jewelry is a fantastic way to fuel company lore and recognizability. The act of creating a trading pin culture where people begin to share of the pins they have and have collected over the years draws people into the company identity and creates community. And a community is a powerful thing.

Trading pin culture can start with something as simple as a company newsletter specifically dedicated to this. A section of the company website can also be dedicated to showcasing the pins and accompanied by a story that shares its creation. As group participation progresses, yearly events can be organized to have people gather and share what they have as well as trade. It’s also a perfect time for the company itself to create a specific pin or even a coin that marks the event and can do so for each year.

People need and enjoy community. Why not make one centered around the mission of your company?