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This is a continuation of a series of posts detailing the finer points of branding your company, why it’s necessary and how the products created by The Monterey Company can serve you in building a thriving business with a recognizable identity.

Using lapel pins to step up your branding game? Can anyone say, genius?

Branding ties together the essential personality of a company, through mission statements, collective values, company culture, symbols, and design. All these things make up a package that should be visible, recognizable and consistent to both the company and the customers it deals with.

In service to the overall brand, a company will choose colors, fonts, tagline, symbols, and other visual identifiers that will imprint the identity of the company on the minds of those in contact with it by creating instant recognizability, even when the company isn’t interacting directly with the customer.

Banners, print ads, stationary websites, and other such means of promoting a company help to do this at various costs to the company, and all fall under the category of marketing. More than anything, what a company needs to strive for is recognizability. The more people that get exposed to the brand, the stronger it will be.

For prolific and price effective spreading of company branding, emblematic jewelry does a powerful job.

Customized lapel pins that are designed to convey the company brand are a detail item that can be useful in promoting both internal company culture as well as company visibility. Lapel pins are made as commemorative pieces for company anniversaries, employee promotions and anniversaries, which are then used as part of their uniforms or work dress. Used in this way, pins can be worn by all employees at all times while working at the company, therefore reinforcing the brand each and every time there is a contact point with a customer or client.

Another way to use lapel pins depends largely on the company and what it does. This would be the creation of a trading pin culture with features and themes related to the what the company does. A large example of this would be Disney and its many thematic lapel pins which have become collector’s items over the years as well as wildly popular but never mistaken for anything other than Disney.

While it is true that there is only one Disney, other companies can create the kind of company culture with a broad-reaching appeal and a growing fan base by using lapel pins in this way. It’s a powerful tool that gains the company ambassadorship across the public population.

Key chains are also a great way to use emblematic jewelry for the proliferation of a brand. They are just as easily designed and customized as lapel pins and serve as a small token of appreciation for customers. Key chains can be placed in packages or shipments and sent with messages of gratitude during the holiday season. These tokens not only convey appreciation to customers and clients but are also useful items that can be used every day by the owner. Meaning that the company?s logo and motto could be visible to hundreds to thousands of people every day, at the hands of customers.

These are just a few examples as to how emblematic jewelry can help build a strong recognizable brand. Uses are as limited as the imagination.

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