Always remember special moments with custom lapel pins.

The other day, my sister and I were shopping for Halloween costumes at a local thrift shop. We had no idea what we were going to wear to the neighborhood party. There were clown wigs, witches hats, cheerleader skirts and cowboy chaps on display, but nothing appealed to us until we saw two Brownie Scout pins in the jewelry case.

“Remember our old Brownie Scout troop?” my sister said with a smile. We had fond memories of selling cookies door-to-door to raise money for our projects. It’s also where we learned to swim, cook and sew for the first time. In short, Brownie Scouts turned us into young women.

Brownie Scouts (an early division of Girl Scouts) is a youth organization for girls that help build self-esteem and teach values, such as honesty, courage, compassion, and citizenship. Some famous Girl Scouts include Lucille Ball, Katie Couric, and Elizabeth Dole.

Even though we would never find two brown Brownie uniforms big enough to fit us, we bought the two pins. “Let’s wear them right now,” my sister suggested.

“Put it on your left side, centered over your heart,” I instructed. That was the Brownie Scout rule. We must’ve been a sight. Two middle-aged women wearing old Brownie pins on our blouses.

This nostalgia to old lapel pins is not surprising to those at The Monterey Company. They are often asked to recreate old lapel pins for people to wear at school, club and family reunions.

However, most insignias like Brownie Scout pins are owned by the organization and are protected. None of the insignias may be copied, duplicated or reproduced without prior express written permission from the organization and all rights are reserved. Most other organization lapel pins are copyright protected in the same way

“So many people have favorite lapel pins that they’ve lost over the years,” said a Monterey Company salesperson. “Something triggers that memory, like running into an old classmate and they want a keepsake of that time. We’re glad to help them bring their favorite pins back, as long as they have the express written permission from the parent organization.”

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