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lory league pinWhat do I need to create a custom trading pin?
What is a trading pin?

Sports teams, historical societies, Disney aficionados and other specialty groups contribute every year to a growing tradition and hobby that is spreading all over the world of trading commemorative trading pins.  Not only do they help commemorate affiliation to a group, but trading pins contribute to the growing history of each group it represents.  Marking an organizations history over the years, as new additions of trading pins get made cultivates a mystique around each organization that only serves to feed the fervor of trading.

New trading pins get made yearly as well as seasonally.  Each time, new designs, new dates and a different interpretation of the group’s emblem get created.  Doing this amasses over time a long collection of custom trading pins that members and fans of a team or group collect, trade and show at conventions that sometimes include followers from all over the world, like in the case of Disney pins.  With such fervor, coming up with a great design for a trading pin is not only great fun but super important!

Making sure that your trading pin is awesome requires a few things.

  1. No matter how many changes and incarnations a groups trading pins go through over the years, the one consistent thing must be the identifier – by that we mean the logo or emblem or name of the group of the team.
  2. Bright vibrant colors are great and add ‘pop’ to a design, but there are also times when color isn’t needed.  A promotional product company’s designer can help you decide which is best, but making use of the great design options available for high-quality style is always a must.
  3. The right size.  Did you know that most traders like their custom trading pins to be 1.5 to 2.5 inches in diameter?  It’s true.  This size tends to make packing and displaying much easier as it not only keeps sizes pretty uniform, but it also makes the artwork easy to see and appreciate.
  4. Date.  Including the year the custom trading pin was issued is paramount.  This helps mark a history and reminds the owner of what year they participated in the group.
  5. Bling.  You want your trading pin to be sought after and highly traded don’t you?  Well, the best way to ensure that is to include what is called Bling.  Bling consists of blinkies, danglers, wiggle heads, sliders, and glitter to name just a few.  When you contact the promotional product company, ask about which are available.

Once you have these things in place, the magic of a well put together trading pin shines for all to see and have fun with.  Now you just have to make sure you have the perfect display cases for your collection!

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