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The original mixed media red-white-and-blue poster with the image of Barak Obama and the text, “Hope” below it, is now on display at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Barak Obama wears custom lapel pins.

Months earlier, the Los Angeles street artist was unfazed when several merchants “ripped off” his non-copyrighted image and put it on T-shirts, coffee mugs and banners for sale on various internet sites.

However, three days before Obama’s presidential inauguration, the National Portrait Gallery featured the patriotic poster in its “New Arrivals” section.

“What is amazing about the image is not the incredible likeness or the bright colors, but the fact that the 44th president is wearing a lapel pin,” said one of our salespeople. “The pin shows a popular image from his campaign: rows of fields leading out to a horizon. I don’t think anyone has ever depicted a presidential portrait with a lapel pin on it before this.”

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