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With ordering pins, quality should come before price

It stands to reason that when a company, small or large is in need of having custom lapel pins made, that budget is a consideration. The issue here is that often, people err on the side of low cost and in turn end up with a lower quality product.

A custom lapel pin is an enduring emblem that is designed to promote a product, years of service, or the identity of a company to name a few purposes. Imagine you are able to put in an order for a the lowest cost lapel pin that your marketing team took the time to design with the help of a promotional item company’s graphic designers, only to receive it and its shoddy metal doesn’t accentuate the color or cast, and the backings tend to fall off because of its low quality. Regardless of the message you originally wanted that lapel pin to convey, what will be louder then that, is that this custom lapel pin is simply a piece to either throw away or cast into the back of a junk drawer. It’s not a message you ever want to convey.

There is a sweet spot between good quality and cost-effectiveness. Often it sits a few steps above the lowest cost item, but it’s worth investing the extra money for a custom lapel pin that will not only last but draws attention for its beauty and craftsmanship. Quality speaks volumes to the importance a company places on its customers and the recipients of their gifts. Although it’s never necessary to go with the most expensive company, know that you ultimately will pay for what you get.

High-quality metals, and finishes, along with being able to work with designers that are excellent at what they do, costs a bit more and is worth the investment of time and money. Don’t make the mistake of choosing cost over quality. If you look at the original intention of having custom lapel pins made, it’s usually about conveying a message to the recipient. Low quality due to low cost, is never a message anyone should convey to another, business or otherwise.


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