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Never designed a custom pin? We can help!

Customized pinsJust short of having a word of mouth referral, you will need to find a custom lapel pin company that will best meet your needs and make the design process simple and fun. The following is a short list of things to do and ask when choosing the best promotional product company for your upcoming event.

1. Do an online search for companies that create lapel pins. A distinction needs to be made between those that only sell stock pins and those that design and manufacture custom lapel pins.

2. The top 15 results on a google search will typically give you a list of the top custom lapel pin companies. Look through each site. A good custom lapel pin company will give you images of previous lapel pins made, a sample of each style they offer as well as ordering information and general pricing lists.

3. Ideally, a website will have testimonials from previous customers, but if they don’t you can also look on consumer sites. Testimonials are like getting a reference and it is important to check references! In the event there is nothing available online, you can ask the company to provide it for you. If this doesn’t produce results, simply go with a company that does have them available. Reputable companies will typically have a blog attached to their site with customer spotlights, detailing the project and the customer’s reaction to the end result.

4. Ask for and compare delivery fees, designer consultation fees, and production fees. Sometimes there will be hidden fees that are described on the website or in the initial conversations. When you request a quote for the total project, look at the invoice. Some companies will charge packing fees, delivery fees, graphic design fees. It’s best to know exactly what you will have to pay upfront to avoid going over budget later.

5. Listen to your gut. When you had questions, how did they handle them? Did you feel you were heard, that your needs were met and that their customer service reps truly liked what they did?




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