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Keep your coins protected with clear plastic capsules.

Some of the most beautiful designs created at The Monterey Company are on military challenge coins. Some have 3-D molding, dual (silver and gold) plating, diamond cut edging, and inlaid photos.

“By the time a challenge coin is created, it’s like a two-sided work of art,” said Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company that has been creating coins for more than 19 years. “It needs to be presented in a dramatic way.”

One good packaging option is the clear capsule. It is a simple design in which a clear, round piece of plastic is pre-molded into the shape of a coin. To open, it just screws apart. However, once the coin is placed inside the capsule, it’s sealed and protected from the elements.

Then the capsule is inserted into a square gray foam frame. At this point, you can still see both sides of the coin, but there’s no movement. The foam frame prevents that from happening. Then the coin-in-capsule and frame are placed inside a square box with a clear plastic window.

From the moment a serviceman or woman is presented with a challenge coin, they can see what it looks like. They don’t even have to open the box. The window showcases all the details of their commemorative coin.

So when the ceremonies are over, the men and women of the U.S. Military can have their coins sealed and protected in clear plastic capsules. They can be easily placed in a box or drawer and saved for years to come.

One military contractor recently asked The Monterey Company about pricing for challenge coins but also had the foresight to ask about packaging. “We present many military coins as gifts each year, and we understand the importance of good packaging,” the customer said.

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