Help gain awareness with custom awareness lapel pins!

The pink ribbon representing breast cancer awareness is an excellent example of how a lapel pin can take off in popular culture.

That simple pink ribbon has been recreated in countless marketing materials and product promotions and has been splashed across the media over the years. Famous jewelry designers, rock musicians, and clothing designers have joined the breast cancer bandwagon and made bejeweled pink ribbon brooches, designer T-shirts, caps, purses, and other popular merchandise. Furthermore, other merchandisers like yogurt and soup manufacturers have printed the pink ribbon on their product labels and gave away a portion of their proceeds. The pink ribbon has become a phenomenon—and to think it all started with a lapel pin.

Do you have a special cause that you’d like to promote? Do you want to encourage people to recycle, save water, or learn more about Alzheimer’s?

Promote your cause by creating a custom-made lapel pin from The Monterey Company. For more than 20 years, The Monterey Company has been helping organizations like yours create awareness with lapel pins that have impact.

In fact, one of the first lapel pins that the president of The Monterey Company created was for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD). The MADD logo pin was created en masse (10,000 or more) and given out to attendees at a major sporting event. Do you think many people were aware of the MADD cause after that? You bet!

What makes The Monterey Company awareness pins so special is:

l             20+ years of experience

l             Appealing designs

l             Keen attention to detail

l            Excellent customer service every step of the way!

You dont have to have a finished design in mind. Maybe your cause is too new, and you don?t even have a logo yet. It doesn’t matter; the designers at The Monterey Company can help you! We’ve worked with all types of designs from pencil sketches, PowerPoint presentations to finished logos created in PhotoShop. We’re glad to work with whatever ideas you’ve got!

Be sure and look at our Awareness Pins Gallery for past samples. Or, we’d be glad to send you some samples so you can inspect them and see our keen attention to detail!

Remember, November is “Cancer Awareness Month,” and there’s still plenty of time to create your own awareness pin and get your message out!

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