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Custom Pins are an excellent way to test your creativity!

Creativity is an important part of life. When we are young, creativity fosters the imagination, drives us to celebrate art and adore playing- whether with dolls or Legos. As we age, creativity becomes a vital part of getting a job, forming relationships, and enriching our culture with passions, ideas, and dynamics that are purely individual to each of us. This is why at The Monterey Company, we believe in crafting custom pins that give you opportunities to channel your creativity and potential into the things that matter most to you. Hard work doesn’t have to cost you happiness, time or money and in fact, hard work can often come with indulgent rewards.

Whether you are the owner of a small business, large corporation or leader of a non-profit, lapel pins are an excellent way to show off your businesses style, logo, cause, and spirit. And you don’t have to sport these elements separately either. When it comes to designing custom pins, we work hard to provide an experience that matches your potential and then some. The philosophy of your business isn’t about sloppy work, slacking employees or cheap product and neither is ours. To us, crafting lapel pins means 100% commitment, sheer reliability and genuine product that speaks for itself about the things that matter most to you.


Creative diversity, reliability, and functionality. These three words are what our lapel pins stand behind. We guarantee that your custom lapel pins will be hand-crafted exactly to your specifics. This means that from your individual pictures, ideas, and passions to our artist’s final draft of your custom created lapel pins, your personalized pins will be custom crafted to only your style, your choice in details and your business. We also believe in materials and metals that are as bright as they shine. We make the smart choice when it comes to picking material options for your customized pins that will allow your pins to travel anywhere from an office desk to across the globe and back. Part of our happiness commitment is supplying you with genuine materials to create genuine lapel pins, and nothing less. From our business to yours, there’s no saying where the potential for lapel pins ends.

Lapel pin for Ashland Fire Company

Perfect for summer festivals, public library events, office front desks, employee appreciation tokens, and even person-to-person advertising, lapel pins easily maintain an excellent reputation as a great way to creatively express your business. Worn elegantly or casually, professionally and unprofessionally, lapel pins display style, value, and efficiency down to the T. They are also extremely popular, and being an owner of several lapel pins myself, I can proudly say that I have been asked and complimented over my lapel pins many times. I find them really attractive, very accessible and super easy to wear on anything. Interested in getting some lapel pins for your business? Feel free to request a quote and let the creative process begin!


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