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Women's Equality Day

Celebrate National Organization for Women Day with Awareness Pins

There are many things to love about awareness pins, but especially what these special pins stand for. On June 30, 1966, the National Organization for Women aka NOW was founded by 28 activists who wanted to put an end to sex discrimination. Today, the nonprofit has more than 500 connections in all 50 states and in the District of Columbia. They remain a basis for the women’s rights movement today, and we celebrate their cause on June 30. At the Monterey Company, lapel pins are not only made for business use, but also for nonprofit use. We also believe that with each lapel pin worn, awareness is raised. This hopefully means that one day, race, sex and religion will just be facts, not factors to judge against.

Have you ever wondered why people wear pins? To be honest, there was a time when I wondered the same thing. But now, I understand why. Awareness pins show that you are excited about a cause. Being excited about anything usually causes the people around you to be excited. This is one of the reasons people rally in groups and form organizations.

Another fun reason to design these pins is that you can wear them anywhere! Some days you may feel like supporting equality on your hat and other days, on your shirt. These custom pins can be made very small or very large and will look great anywhere from a tote bag to a tie. Tie the knot with your passion today and design some awareness lapel pins that will make you feel good about yourself. These pins don’t have to be boring or crazy –they can be made any way you want! And at The Monterey Company, we only use high-quality, smile-friendly material so that you don’t have to worry about your pins breaking or losing shine.awareness-pins-compassion-pin

Not only do these awareness pins stand for awareness, but they also raise awareness. Whether you are selling them, giving them out, or even just wearing them, NOW pins are sure to be a big hit. Everyone loves accessorizing, and now they can accessorize with pins that support a good cause! Design your NOW awareness pins with something that stands for equality to you. And remember, your actions will inspire others to take action. Help make the world a place that all of us can live in without being judged by supporting nonprofits like NOW with custom pins.



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