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The smell of gasoline and leather fills the air as a gang of rough tough motorcycle buffs roll through the streets of California. However, these gangs no longer support the brutality they used to be known for. Instead, these motorcycle groups offer public rides and tours, nonprofit events and motorcycle pins. In fact, one of the things that keeps these gangs popular are the pins they offer. Acting as a token to the memory of the tour or event, biker pins are an important part of keeping business booming. Designed with their choice of logo or image, these pins represent memories made with the gang. Attendees receive pins from motorcycle shows to miles traveled. Many even come back just to keep their thrill-seeking collection alive!

Many motorcycle gangs use biker pins as a way to reward customers of miles traveled. Each time a customer travels 10 or even 500 miles, they receive a correlating pin. Some customers become such fans that they even travel over 1000 miles with the bike gangs! Not only do these pins show spirit and keep memories, but they encourage customers to come back for more. What’s more is that these pins are worn by many bike gang’s customers. This enables other people to see the pins and ask about the meaning. A huge part of gaining popularity is advertising. And what better way to advertise than with your devoted fans!

Biker pins can be made in gold and diamonds, but the material is not the only thing that makes them valuable. Just like postcards
(but better), biker pins act as a souvenir of the tour or event. Looking back on these pins does not only remind your customers of the thrill. It also resembles an exciting moment in their life. It is important to show your customers a good time that reminds them to come back. Biker pins are perfect for this because they stand for the miles traveled and tours attended. What’s more is that these pins will last a lifetime. And so will your customer’s memories and satisfaction!

Whether your gang is using biker pins for an event or for tokens after rides, these pins are a great way to show spirit. Celebrate the distances traveled by your customers by gifting them with a biker pin! Everyone loves free gifts, and these pins are sure to have your customers coming back to add miles to their collection. The Monterey Company specializes in high quality, custom lapel pins. Big or small, we really do it all! Set the bar and encourage your fans to get excited about biking. After all, when faced with a goal, such as a punch card, it’s hard NOT to work towards it! And what better goal to celebrate with pins than the thrill of motorcycling!

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