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Looking for custom cloisonne lapel pins?

Cloisonné cloisonne-lapel-pins-safety-lapel-pinis one of the most popular styles of pin we sell, but what is it? Developed in the Far East, cloisonné is a technique that has become a popular way to finish pins and coins today. Similar to the process used to make die struck and soft enamel pins, cloisonné pins use a stamp to print a design onto a sheet of metal. Then, instead of finishing the pin or coin with normal enamel, the recessed areas of the pin or coin are filled with colored powdery glass. This gives the pins or coins a hard and glossy finish similar to the shine of jewels.

Cloisonné lapel pins can add elegance and style to your design. Because this style looks so high quality, it can be used to dress up many different types of pins and coins. One of the biggest reasons many people choose to finish their pins and coins with this particular finish is its ability to catch people’s eye. When customers, teams and other professionals are looking for pins or coins, they look for quality.

Because it is a classic style, it has been able to be perfected over the years. For this reason, collectors also love pins and coins with this type of finish. However, collectors are not the only ones that like this style of finish pins and coins. Organizations from schools to industries use cloisonné as a finish on their pins or coins. One way that a non-profit organization might use it, for example, is through awareness pins. Give vibrancy to pins or coins by adding this finish. Using it to enhance the appearance of your pins will not only cause other people to notice them but will cause discussion about your organization. Getting publicity is a huge part of maintaining a business and is important for success.

The Monterey Company can custom design cloisonné pins with any logo or image. Besides being classy, this style is great to use for logos and images because it makes the colors pop. Out with dull boring colors and in with cloisonné! It’s easy to give your image or logo shine and make the lettering really stand out. These types of pins and coins are preferred because they have a smoother and shinier appearance than die struck and soft enamel. Though similar, this finish gives a more professional look to pins or coins and are easy to use in the workspace. Whether you are designing pins or coins for a company event or for a special celebration, the future of your party favors lies in your hands. Custom design cloisonné finished pins and coins with The Monterey Co.!

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