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lapel pins honor employees, members, and donors.

volunteer lapel pinsCustom lapel pins take on many forms and satisfy a variety of needs. Popular variations include employee recognition pins, a recognition pin for service, as well as pins for contributions of time and resources. While custom lapel pins are invariably an appropriate gift, some thought should be given to selecting the best type. Giving consideration to variables such as logos and insignias, colors, defining icons, and finding a reputable supplier will help ensure the design of a recognition pin the recipient will wear with pride. This is especially true of employee recognition pins and years of service pins, which afford us a chance to demonstrate appreciation, something that is too often overlooked in today’s fast-paced business world. Following the tips below will make it easier for you to select custom lapel pins and employee recognition pins that express a true appreciation of the recipient. After all, a recognition pin should represent a gift that has meaning for the recipient and giver alike.

1. Choose a customer service oriented company to make the custom lapel pins. A quick sales approach isn’t likely to produce a product worthy of employee recognition pins or years of service pins.

2. When approving a recognition pin proof, remember that size can deceive. Be sure that your custom made pins are going to be the size of the proof. If too large or small, the proof can be revised to suit your service or employee recognition pins. While a recognition pin doesn’t have to grace the lapel, using lapel size as a guide ensures a nice fit on most clothing, whether collar or lapel.

3. Since employee recognition pins evoke company spirit, corporate colors – if important – should be considered. Advise the sales representative for custom lapel pins when colors need to be as exact as possible. Since business card colors are not always identical matches to enamel used in making custom lapel pins, ask how the enameled colors will look.

4. Use colors that will look good on a recognition pin, not just the proof.

5. Avoid recognition pin text so small that it’s illegible. Small text needs to be struck into the metal first if color-filled or printed onto the metal as part of the manufacturing process.

6. Consider whether epoxy enhances your custom lapel pin design. Helpful in prolonging wear, thinly applied epoxy gives the effect of hard enamel without overkill.

7. Metal finishes vary. While genuine silver tarnishes, a nickel finish works; other options include brass or true gold finishes. A reputable salesperson for custom lapel pins or any type recognition pin can provide you with the advice needed to make the right selection.

8. While attractive, employee recognition pins presented in velvet boxes or bags can wind up costing more than the pins. Consider nice looking, but reasonable, recognition pin boxes.

9. For a special recognition pin, or employee recognition pins for many years of service, gemstones give added significance and meaning.

10. A useful idea is having a website or phone information engraved on the backsides of pins, possibly serial numbers to account for each.

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