custom-lures2.jpgCustom fishing lures are great to use in sales, gifts and more!

Fishing lures use movement, vibrations, and color to grab a fish’s attention and make them bite the hook. They can be made out of wood, plastic, rubber, metal or cork. Believe it or not, lures have been around since the caveman and were first made out of bone and bronze. As early as 2,000 B.C., the Chinese and Egyptians used fishing rods, hooks, and lines.There are many types of fishing lures, including surface lures, spoon lures, artificial flies, bass worms and spinner bait. Just in time for summer, The Monterey Company now offers custom fishing lures! They are lightweight metal and resemble the inside of a dinner spoon. Best of all, there’s plenty of room to etch your organization or company logo!

Who would order a custom-made lure?

·Any fisherman or sports enthusiast

·Those who belong to fishing/hunting clubscustom-lures.jpg

·Salespeople who want to leave a lasting impression with customers

·Those who host fishing tournaments

Priced affordably, these lightweight spoon lures make great gifts for any outdoor event!