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Custom Pins are the perfect way to show off your logo!

custom pinsWith millions of organizations, businesses and shops over the globe ordering custom lapel pins, these illustrated metal accessories have quickly taken on different looks to fit each fashion. Because of their many uses, custom pins are among the most diverse accessories sold today, yet many still do not know where to start when designing their own pins. Well, have no fear. The answer is clear, given a little bit of research. To make it simple for you, however, here’s a rundown of some basic options for your pins.

First things first, let’s give your pin idea a little substance. You may have already guessed that in order to create custom pins that are specific to your uses, you must choose a type of metal base and pin style. These bases range from nickel to gold, and although one may be perceived as higher quality, this doesn’t mean that it will be the right choice for your custom pins. Depending on your design and purposes, you may want to go with nickel, stainless steel, or copper. In fact, copper is the most popular option for the base of many different pins. Some styles of pin, such as hard enamel and cloisonne (which we’ll discuss later) even have to use copper as their base. Worry not, however, any metal can be plated with a high-quality finish to mimic the appearance of other metals.

Custom Pins come with custom options such as gold or copper basescustom pins.

Copper is known for its ability to pronounce metal lines and create the illusion of a raised pin. As said before, it is a very popular option and is used widely throughout the world or jewelry.
Bronze is the next most popular option. A blend of copper and tin, this metal is harder than copper but may corrode sooner.
Stainless steel is another common option. This type of metal is mainly used for photo etched and printed pins. It is highly durable and is less expensive than bronze.
Iron is a popular choice for printed and enamel pins and is the most cost-efficient.
Zinc alloy is an alternative option that can be great for custom die-cast pins. This type of metal is very durable and is resistant to corrosion. However, because of its composition, this metal is difficult to finely detail.

Next step is to choose a design layout! This step is as important as it is fun because it will largely determine the style of your custom pins. Choices even include 3D, which has become a popular way to make custom pins stand out. The first two we’ll get out of the way is hard and soft enamel pins. These pins are easy to mix up because they don’t have very different names. However, they do have very different appearances!

Custom Pins show off your business in the style of your choice.

custom pinsWhere Hard Enamel is made with no raised metal areas, Soft Enamel is sculpted so that the dye is recessed from the metal. This causes hard enamel custom pins to be smooth, whereas you can feel the design on soft enamel.
Cloisonne is another very popular option for pin style. This style has been around since the Roman Empire and continues to become more refined all the time. Cloisonne is popular because it has a very beautiful stained-glass look.
Transparent Enamel is the last custom pins style we’ll discuss. This style actually looks exactly as it sounds! In fact, you can even see the metal base below the dyed inlay. Although transparent enamel has limited color options, it is still a very beautiful style.

As you can see, custom pins are incredibly diverse. In fact, we take pride knowing that we are able to offer our services to almost any client. Interested in custom pins and the benefits it can give your business? Simply come to us with your idea.


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