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Customized Pins are designed in the same way movie animations are.

The difference? These illustrations are still drawn by hand.

customized pins

Custom lapel pins may be a match made in heaven for your business, but they may not be actually made how you think they are. In fact, once the idea for your lapel pins is conceived, the design is formatted to the pin in a very special way. A way that mimics none other than the style of animation for a TV show. If you have ever wondered how TV graphics are made, it’s a pretty interesting process that involves lots of skill, knowledge, and artistry. One little-known fact, however, is that customized pins are designed using an almost identical format. For both, it starts with a simple blue line. In TV and movies, this line would indicate the design for animation. However, this is where lapel pins and movies differ. When designing customized pins, the blue line instead traces the unique design of your pin instead of cartoon animation.

This blue line may dictate your design but is not put directly on your customized pins. Instead, artists either hand-draw your design on paper or a light box or use digital software to illustrate it. After this is completed, the design is extensively edited until it is ready to go on a sample pin. Now, this may sound as easy as editing an Instagram photo, but, believe me, it’s not. Only after hours of experienced perfecting comes the second stage of pin design.

Perfecting custom pin designs is our specialty!

In the second stage, things get a bit more mechanical. In fact, after your logo or

Customized Pins

Artist Creating Lapel pins

the image has been designed and edited, it is colored and transferred to a mechanical sheet. This sheet acts as a lapel pin blueprint and is the key to exacting measurements such as the specific type and style of pin parts. In fact, this is the stage that your specified metals and materials are ordered. This step is crucial to the design of your customized pins because it’s where a lot of the customizations you chose to play a part. As a side note, both the first and second stage of the lapel pin process are labeled under design. This is because there are actually no metals, materials or wearable components until the third stage.

The third stage of the lapel pin process is where the manufacturing begins! In this stage, a stamp arrives that is customized to your design. This stamp is then set into your metal of choice. (The first pin will be sent to you as a sample for approval so that we can continue with your full order.) After your customized pins have been stamped, they are cut using molds. The molds are formed in a specific shape made only for your pin. This means that typically, we keep records but dispose of the mold after your order is finished. Custom options such as ridged edges and center holes require a more complex mold.

Customized Pins can be made in days!

Custom pinsFinally, we are brought to the fourth stage. The fourth stage includes soldering your customized pin to an attachment piece. However, not all attachment pieces are the same. When customizing lapel pins, every piece is customizable! Finally, your pin is wearable, but not finished. In the next to final stages of your customized pins conception, plating is processed and the color is added. To increase the quality of plating, we soak the metal of your pins in plating liquid. Customized pins can then be polished, but only if they are made of copper or iron. After your customized pins are plated, color is inserted with syringes by hand one color at a time. The color is then dried, cleaned and baked at around 450 degrees for up to 15 minutes. If you would like, we can afterward add an epoxy coat which will make your pin resistant to fading and cracking.

Customized pins come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can be useful for many events. If your organization needs customized pins to rep their awesome ideas, simply come to us with the just that-an idea. Even though the process sounds extensive, it only takes 10-15 days and usually requires less than ten minutes of your time.

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