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customized pinsGetting crazy with spooky deco can be a great way to make your Halloween bash a bit more monster mashy. But why stop there? Here’s a couple of our favorite tricks that you can use to treat your guests to the best Halloween ever.

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, customize a pin for me!

Whether you are a goblin, witch or ghost, customized pins are a wicked way to dole out the spirit of Halloween. We recommend these eerie party favors to be put in goody bags or as prizes- especially prizes for costume contests. This award, however, is one that anyone can wear year ‘round. Pins are awesome proof of perfected costume skills and are a great way to cheer on the rest of fall. However, that’s not all! These small, yet powerful tokens of Halloween can be customized to voodoo-likeness. We mean an exact replica of whatever your imagination has in store! Whether thrilling, chilling or downright inspired, it’s easy to customize your way into a totally eerie design that will complete your Halloween theme.

Pins are one trick that treats your guests to a fantastically spooky Halloween night.

Pins are also a great way to make VIP access easy when Halloween is anything but. On Halloween, bars, clubs, and late-night hangouts may get pretty crowded. If you aren’t prepared, things could get pretty scary, pretty fast- and I don’t mean that in a good way.  If you own a club, for example, it might be hard to see who has special access and who doesn’t. This could lead to unhappy customers and bad reviews. Instead, try designing some spooky VIP pins! These pins, while small, will be your ticket to a huge Halloween success. It will be easy for bouncers to notice the eerie accessory, and even easier for your VIP customers. Party it up this Halloween without having to worry about your best guests getting what they came for.

Customized Pins are our favorite party favor and cancustomized lapel pins be designed with almost any image, logo or text. How creative are you?

Who’s your mummy? While it may be the perfect opportunity to get free candy, Halloween is one of the best times for kids to get lost. No need to be a hovering parent though, our favorite way to keep track of over-enthusiastic kids is just as effective as it is fun. Have you guessed it? Blinkies! Or should I say, mummy eyes. These glowing red mummy eyes will keep a constant tab on your kids so your mommy eyes don’t have to. The perfect party favor for kids and parent alike, lapel pin blinkies make it cool to play it safe. With the activation of a small switch, small bulbs on the pin will blink bright red, making it easy to keep track of kids. Custom pin blinkies are easy to put anywhere on the pin and are a festive way to ensure a safe and fun Halloween.

The Monterey Company is excited for Halloween! The perfect going-away party for fall, Halloween has been a yearly tradition for over 6,000 years. Though it may have started off quite differently than we celebrate it now, Halloween is the best time to dress up and have fun. In fact, we’d love to help complete your costume! One of the many reasons we love creating pins for this holiday because the layout ideas can get pretty imaginative. Whether you are a zombie, monster or fairy princess, there’s no telling what creative mischief you will accomplish with custom pins. Along with your pick of design, however, customized pins are a great way to keep Halloween memories fresh- unlike your undead porch decor. Too soon?


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