Participants of this online dating site wore their heart on their sleeve with a custom pin- and it helped them find love.

The full-page advertisement in the airline magazine featured an ad for a dating service. It showed an attractive woman sitting at a table in a restaurant. The copy discussed how today’s professionals have little time to search for the perfect mate, and how this particular dating service could help them.

Small business owners know that advertisements like these can cost thousands of dollars, and likely only national and international companies can afford them. That’s why Susan, a customer of The Monterey Company, decided to bypass expensive advertising and focus on a tiny lapel pin.

“These days, I have to make every dollar count,” she explained. “So when I searched online for lapel pin companies, I knew The Monterey Company was the one. They have great designs at affordable prices.”

The name of her company is her surname, but two other words define it: “I’m Available.” Susan chose a 1.5-inch heart shaped red lapel pin with the words, “I’m Available” in white script in the center.

“We wanted the pin to look like a valentine,” said her Monterey Company salesperson. “Then we added the dating company’s website address underneath. The 1.5-inch pin size allowed a viewer to be able to read it without obviously squinting.”

Those who joined Susan’s dating service would wear these heart-shaped lapel pins on a regular basis’ to work, dining out, shopping, etc. And those who saw the lapel pin and were interested in dating the person, would go to the website and look for their particular picture, then follow the prompts to call or email.

“We found that the heart-shaped lapel pin worked extremely well for us,” Susan said. “The best part is that this type of marketing is extremely affordable. And I get a price break at 100, 300 and 500 pins, and we’ve already gone through 300 of them.”

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