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 Diamond cut oblique line edging makes military coins half as expensive and twice as bold.

Among the thousands of military coins created by The Monterey Company each year, the most popular diamond cut edging is called the oblique line.

The oblique line is a sharp, diagonal cut that adds texture, shine and maybe even a little menace to a standard military coin. The sharp edges of the oblique line could easily resemble the blades of a knife or saw.

“Oblique line is macho,” said one salesperson from The Monterey Company who has created a lot of coins over the years. “It has some edge to it, so it even looks like it could cut you (if you weren’t careful!)  I think that’s why guys prefer it.”

Second in popularity is the rope line diamond cut edge. Naturally, the rope line is popular among Navy personnel. “A rope line on the edge of a coin looks sharp next to a ship or anchor,” added one customer. “The rope represents strength and security.”

Other diamond cut edges offered by The Monterey Company include the grid edge, the scale edge, and the diagonal edge. All have the same cuts into the edge of the coin, only the degree of the diagonal changes. However, some diamond cut edges are more subtle, including the flat wave edge, the curve wave edge and the petal line edge.

“All other things being equal, a coin with a diamond cut edge is sharper looking,” added the salesperson. “It catches the sunlight, and it feels different to the touch. To me, it looks and feels like a fishtail.”

Prices for diamond cut edging include a $70 set-up fee and a run charge of .35 cents per coin. “The beauty of the set-up fee is that you only pay it once,” added Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company. “All exact repeat orders don’t have to pay set-up fees.”

Since diamond cut edges are the last thing added to a coin, there must be enough room to cut into the coin along the edge. “You never want to put a diamond cut edge close to another image,” added another salesperson. “You want the diamond cut edge to encapsulate your images and cause radiance.”

Some military coins only have diamond cut edging on one side. Sometimes the price is a factor, while other times the opposite side is trying to capture another look altogether.

For a military coin without color, diamond cut edging can add interest and texture.

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