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Illustrate religious beliefs beautifully with custom lapel pins.

The church of the Virgin in Fatima, Portugal, wanted a lapel pin to commemorate the anniversary of the occasion in which the Virgin Mary appeared in a burning bush before a crowd.

Each year, a legion of people trek to the site to camp and meditate for three days. The priest wanted to create a lapel pin and give them to the 100 from his congregation who was going to Fatima.

“This anniversary is an important event in the lives of so many,” the priest said.

The Virgin image he selected was of the Portuguese style that depicted a young woman with large, downcast eye, a long nose and a sorrowful set to her lips. “The Virgin looked that way because it was more accurate. She appeared in the burning bush with a warning,” the priest explained.

To add a more modern flair, the Virgin wore a flowered veil with a halo of sunrays behind her. All of this was delicately created in Die Struck Antique.

“For lapel pins that must resemble relief sculptures from churches and cathedrals, Die Struck Antique is their best choice,” added the salesperson. “The subtle details are more readily shown, and the antique application allows text to be read more easily.”

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