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Which will you choose, Die Struck, Soft Enamel or 3D for your Lapel Pins?

T3d-die-cast-pins-stagecoach-pinhe opportunities for these popular choices are limitless, and all three will change the way your lapel pin engages your employee, customer or group. Whether you are looking for a lapel pin that stands out or one that blends in, we are here for you all the way from the classically crafted die struck and soft enamel lapel pin to the modern and boldly detailed 3D.

Die struck lapel pins are very dignified and memorable and are used primarily for years of recognition and service lapel pins. Die struck lapel pins do not use added color and instead use the qualities of the metal to create a tastefully antique and simplistic contrast that is both engaging and elegant. We offer choices in metal ranging from nickel, copper and brass to gold and silver. The casting of these lapel pins uses a clear cut method and is best for definitive designs such as those used for government agencies, country clubs and large businesses.

Although die struck lapel pins and soft enamel lapel pins are very similar, there are a few differences. With soft enamel, we stamp your choice of quality metal with a die that imprints your image into the metal. Then, colors are carefully placed in the sunken areas of the lapel pin. We also add a clear coat, free of charge, to protect your lapel pin for years of enjoyment. Because soft enamel lapel pins are cut with a die, they work best with designs that portray clearly defined and separated colors.

If you are looking for a realistic, finely detailed an3d-coins-phoenix-coind engaging lapel pin, 3D lapel pins are for you. Unlike the smooth or professional surfaces of the Soft enamel lapel pin or Die struck lapel pin, 3D die cast lapel pins use a unique and detailed design to advertise their engravings. They offer room for endless creativity and are able to mimic nearly any logo, design or object. The casting of 3D die cast lapel pins involves using a cast to shape molten metal into a particular design. This allows this type of lapel pin to have a more realistic, detailed and dimensional appearance than a 2D lapel pin. These pins are typically suited for businesses or organizations that are looking for a meticulously creative and noticeable lapel pin to represent their company.
However, not all things are better in 3D, even when it comes to custom lapel pins. Where 3D die cast lapel pins can be engaging, fun and conversation promoting, soft enamel lapel pins and die struck lapel pins are perfect for professional and ceremonial use. However, all three provide the means by which to be rich in importance and appeal and offer the perfect trio to start your lapel pin history with.
Didn’t find what you were looking for? Not to worry. Here at the Monterey Company, we strive to give our customers the options they deserve in order to create a lapel pin that is just right for them. We offer a diverse selection of quality metals, customizable features and versatile lapel pin formats. Besides 3D die cast, soft enamel, and die struck lapel pins, we also offer classic embossed lapel pins, printed lapel pins, transparent enamel lapel pins, and many more that you can find right here. We look forward to doing business with you!

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