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It may surprise you to learn how much custom lapel pins are really used.

Are lapel pins still in style?
What are lapel pins?
How do people use lapel pins?
Can lapel pins be functional?

We still get asked these questions, both online and in person.  It’s amazing to us here at the Monterey Company, that the concept of lapel pins can still be so foreign to people, but it also thrills us to have an opportunity to talk about them!

One look online and very quickly anyone can see that lapel pins are quite popular and in high demand by a variety of people across the planet.  They are not just emblematic jewelry pieces for the older generations, but rather an item that can be shaped to fit the fashion style and needs of any wearer, old and young, corporate to grassroots, private, individual, group, you name it.



Also, as we have shared extensively about here on our blog, custom lapel pins, as well as historical ones, are the subject of rabid collectors the world over.  It’s such an exciting time for this little trinket we often forget about.

So what are the uses still employed and popularly so, in this day for lapel pins?  These are honestly just the uses we could come up with off the top of our heads, and know for a fact we haven’t covered them all:


What is interesting about this list is that what a custom lapel pin is used for is actually quite substantive.  All of the things listed above are meaningful and treasured by most people, especially those involved in those interests and pursuits.  Add to that the amazing technology we use now for the creation of these captivating custom lapel pins, and it becomes very clear that lapel pins are here to stay, and in fact improving tremendously over time.

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