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Political Lapel pins could be the difference between Election Nominees.

What are political campaign lapel pins?

Are campaign lapel pins cheesy?

Do people still wear political campaign lapel pins?


Election season is in full swing right now, and it’s impossible to get away from it. Debates, national conventions, commercials, rallies, and constant commentary permeate everyone’s lives here in the United States. Not even our Facebook streams are safe from the constant barrage of political discourse.

It can be annoying, but we all know it’s important. How we vote, who wins these elections steers the course of the entire nation and the world for the next 4 years. Dialogues are happening all over the country about issues, concerns, legislative issues that are important to one group as opposed to another. In this sense, the constant visual reminders that we get of who is running is critical at sparking national debate and discourse that ultimately shape us all.

We think that for this very reason, the act of creating custom lapel pins for each candidate and each election season is so critical. Yes, people still wear political campaign lapel pins, no, they are not cheesy and yes, they are tremendously effective.

More then just a typical American Flag pin, a political campaign in communicates both the candidate and their platform slogan. Sometimes it conveys so much more. The key is that it not only symbolizes solidarity for the wearer, but also it becomes a talking point for any who come across the individual that is wearing the pin.

Marketing like this is tremendously valuable, and also incredibly cost-effective. The word of mouth campaigning that takes place between individual people in private conversations across the country is so much more effective then the constantly running ads we see daily on television.

Creating custom lapel pins to enhance the marketing reach of a political campaign is smart and cost-effective. Lapel pins should be given out at every rally, convention, HQ and major city that holds a local office. The cost of the pins and the small number of person-hours needed to send these out is a pittance compared to the amount of money it costs to run so many television ads.



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