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Celebrate the holiday season, not drunk driving. Raise awareness with custom coins and more!

December is finally here. And what we all have before us in the United States is an entire month of festivities. Family gatherings, parties with friends, corporate celebrations, city-wide festivities around the New Years… all of them are filled with merriment, socializing, and, of course, drinking. What’s a holiday party without a good cocktail, right?

This month more then any other it’s important to recommit to the designated driver. That one lone friend that commits to not drink that evening so the rest of the group that rode to the party with them can drink. It’s a small sacrifice to make considering how many thousands of people will be involved in a car accident caused by a drunk driver this month alone!

One of the things that have worked incredibly well in the campaign to raise awareness for this month is creating both custom lapel pins and keychains. Both have been made by groups of friends, companies, and individuals, designed with pithy slogans, symbols, and words of recognition for those that become designated drivers, and fun ones for those that decide to do the drinking on a given night.

The ideas are fun too! It’s not just a matter of creating a drab lapel pin that says, ‘Don’t Drive Drunk’. Groups of friends or coworkers have gotten together and created nicknames for those that stay sober and those that will drink… whole events seem to get planned around passing out the honorable keychain or custom lapel pin as if it were a graduation of sorts.  Some even use the pins as a type of lottery, where all the drinking custom lapel pins will be placed in a hat, along with the 1-3 or so non-drinking lapel pins, and with much reverie, each pin is chosen by those who will go off to celebrate. Each committed to whatever fate the draw gives them.

In the end, this time of year is about celebration and in order for all of us to do that, we all also need to be responsible. Making that responsibility something that is fun, and about mutual respect makes it easier.

We at The Monterey Company wish you a safe and sane holiday season, and please… call our design team now and get your fun lapel pins and key chains made! We would love to hear about the fun ways in which they get passed out this year.

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