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Celebrate Easter with Easter egg pins!

Easter eggs are dyed or painted chicken eggs that are given away to celebrate springtime or the Easter holiday. These eggs are “mysteriously” hidden all over the house and garden by the Easter Bunny for children to find on Easter morning.
One of the most famous Easter eggs was a jeweled egg designed by Peter Carl Faberge in 1885 for Tsar Alexander III of Russia as a surprise for his wife, Maria Fyodorovna.
On the outside, it looked like a simple egg of white enameled gold, but it opened up to reveal a golden yolk. The yolk itself had a golden hen inside it, which in turn had a tiny crown with a ruby hanging inside, similar to the matryoshka nesting dolls.
Empress Maria was so delighted by this gift that Alexander appointed Fabergé a “Court Supplier” and commissioned an Easter gift each year after that. His son, Nicholas II of Russia, continued the tradition, presenting an egg each spring to his wife, Alexandra Fyodorovna, and his widowed mother.
The Imperial Eggs can be recreated, enjoyed and worn today as an Easter lapel pin, in less than four weeks! All you would need is a good photo of the jeweled egg. Then our knowledgeable salespeople and designers can help you create your own, memorable Easter pin!
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