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The San Diego Zoo’s most recent exhibit, “Elephant Odyssey,” successfully melds the ancient with the current.

For those who like remnants of the past, there are fossils and artifacts of mammoths who living on this earth nearly 12,000 years ago.

And for those who want to focus on the present, you’re introduced to the seven unique elephants who live in the pavilion year round, including Ranchipur, the big guy, and the only male in the group; Mary, the boss lady; Cookie, the “rock” star who likes to collect rocks; Cha-Cha, the playful fashionista who likes to create straw “hats;” Sumithi, the queen, who came to the zoo in 1968; Devi, the clever one and Tembo, an independent thinker who is the only African elephant in the group.

The San Diego Zoo is also raising funds to help conserve the elephant population in Botswana, Africa, by selling elephant footprints for $150 each. You can learn more about this effort and other things about the new zoo exhibit by visiting their website at www.elephantodyssey.com.

Besides books, bags and stuffed animals, the San Diego Zoo only offers one lapel pin in celebration of the “Elephant Odyssey.” It’s a 1.25 inch cast silver pin of an elephant for $22.95 each.

However, there are many lapel pin options that they could still consider, including an elephant footprint (to give to those who donate to the elephant conservation fund in Botswana), an actual photo of your favorite elephant; or perhaps the dual mammoth/elephant logo of the Elephant Odyssey exhibit.

At The Monterey Company, we offer pin options like these all of the time. Because the cost of designing your company’s pin is always included in the overall price. There is no extra charge for design options. Call The Monterey Company today at (877) 290-9290.

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