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Emblematic jewelry for designers: a beginners guide.

Custom Copper PinAs a designer, well, as an artist really, one of the key components of creative work is freedom. The ability to let the imagination invent at will and then finding ways to manifest that vision is really what creating is all about. And by far, its one of the guiding principles that the Monterey Company is committed to supporting their clients whether that be through design consultation, customized solutions to their design needs, or providing quality materials to create the product needed.

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To this end, Monterey has been growing relationships with more and more jewelry designers as time passes. The possibilities of what can be done are virtually endless, with the use of metals such as copper, pewter, sterling silver, gold plating, nickel, and bronze, along with precious and semi-precious stones that can be added for the perfect custom-made design. Symbols, medallions, charms with invented emblems, logos or words and stones are just some ideas. If the design isn’t fully coming through for the creator, Monterey’s designers are always available and ready for a consultation to flesh the design out and work with you on putting it together.

Pendants can be designed and order in any quantity, and are great for the large quantity designer as well as the small private one. Families can create their own personal pendants or charms to commemorate reunions, anniversaries, or a birth for example, just as designers and retailers can order larger quantities of any design they come up with. Recently, The Monterey Company had a Body Worker/Healer design and order a pendant made of copper with healing stones mounted on them. The design was a symbol that is intended for healing on the wearer. It was quite an inspired creation, one that the staff at Monterey were quite honored to help put together.

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