What is the best quality enamel lapel pin style?

transparent-enamel-lapel-pins-vetted-international-2005-pin-2_frontSome people might say cloisonné is the highest quality enamel pin style. It does have a jewelry look to it and has the highest price point. There are two other popular styles of enamel, soft enamel and hard. Both styles will allow matching your company colors.  The biggest difference between soft and hard enameled colors are the way the finish feels to the touch. Soft enamel is sunk below the metal outline of the pin while hard enamel color is level to the metal.

Transparent enamel is also a popular option, replicating the look of stained glass, transparent enamel is sheer and beautiful. It’s easy to customize transparent enamel with different textures. This makes them even more true to your pins look. In fact, you can even add ripple effects to create a beautifully mesmerizing appearance. Transparent colored pins are pretty limited when it comes to color but give an absolutely gorgeous and unique look.

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Below are some of our most popular custom made pins.